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Information about the current academic year

Here you can find information for the current students of the Master’s Degree in Technology and Engineering Management

Academic Year: 2018/19

Here, you can find the most important information about the current academic year:

  • Academic calendar: The academic calendar document shows the most important dates about the courses (Beginning of the courses, Registration, Examination Periods, Enrollments, etc.) and the master thesis deadlines. 
  • Timetable: The timetable document shows the coordinators, the lecturers, the rooms and the timetables of the courses of the master.
  • Final exams calendar: The final exam calendar document (page 49) shows the date of the final exam of the courses of the master. The place and the time will be published two weeks before the beginning of the final exams. 
  • Atenea: Athena is the virtual campus that supports the teaching of the UPC.
  • SAU: SAU is an intranet based on tickets. It's the best way to request transcripts, academic decisions, certificates, changes in the enrollment, modify your group (if there are), making instances, etc. as well as to send your questions about mobility and educational cooperation agreements.